What You Should Always Do After Your Job Interview



You just had your job interview. Everything went well, you got the interviewer excited and you pretty much think you’ve nailed it.

But what happens after a job interview is as important as what happens during it.

Here are some things that could increase your chances of actually getting the job. Scroll down to see what you should always do after an interview.

1. Send a thank you note

You should review the interview and send a personalised thank you note. Make sure you mention something memorable from your interview that will remind them of you. The note should be quite short and you should send it before CoB.

2. Connect on social media

Go on LinkedIn or other professional networks that you are in and connect with the interviewer. Don’t send the standard “I want to connect” message but mention the interview, the role and the timing so they can be reminded of the experience. By connecting with the HR person on social media you can ping them every time a new opportunity arises within the company.

3. Send a follow-up note

If they didn’t reply for a while you should contact them. Ask nicely about the status of your application and when you will be given a reply.

4. Ask for feedback

In the unfortunate case you were rejected, make sure you ask for feedback. Ask about the reasons you were not selected and make sure you use that feedback for your future applications.

While the steps above will make you stand out, they’re not a guarantee of success so make sure you continue with your job search. Incorporate any feedback you receive and improve during the next interview. You never know what the outcome will be or if you  find a better position, so never stop exploring.

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4 years ago

I appreciated what we did here. I enjoyed every little bit some of it. I am always trying to find informative information this way. Thanks for sharing around.