Weekly Brief: You shop, they… might drop?

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If the growing mountain of ASOS deliveries and returns in our office is anything to go by, the popularity of online shopping is on a constant rise. Though it would seem that the fantastically convenient world of online shopping and delivery is not quite sitting on a bed of roses.

Resolver, a platform to air and (shock!) resolve customer grievances with companies has announced an 84% increase YOY in UK consumer complaints referencing online shopping. Some of the more recurrent problems included (perhaps unsurprisingly) customer service, issues with deliveries, quality control and refunds. So… basically everything that a high street experience could resolve? Meanwhile in their storming expansion through the subcontinent, African delivery giant Jumia have reported similar issues… and some more interesting ones. In a fascinating piece by the FT they explore some region-specific troubles such as distrust of corrupt suppliers, resulting in a pay-on-delivery culture and an (even more) hazardous life for the underlying couriers. Maybe this is something the giants of Alibaba and Facebook can solve as they weigh into the fray – the former is helping pioneer facial recognition tech to the way we buy, while the latter is supposedly about to introduce online marketplace functionality across all three of its major platforms, suggesting that they hope to marry influencer power and personal recommendations from your inner circle (and then take your cash). Time will tell if innovation, technical development and design from the big dogs will unseat the likes of Amazon – who knows if buying a package on Whatsapp will solve any of these issues?


Online shopping complaints soar 84% in a year

Resolver has announced a huge rise in complaints about online shopping and package deliveries.

Jumia’s rise exposes the challenges of online shopping in Africa

There are a variety of issues facing online-shopping giant Jumia in Africa as it plans aggressive expansion.

Alibaba-backed facial recognition startup Megvii raises $750 million

Megvii, an ambitious facial recognition software has raised $750 million in a Series D funding round.

WhatsApp and Instagram to add online shopping as Facebook takes on Amazon

Facebook is to add an online shopping feature to its ‘Big Three’ apps (including Instagram and Whatsapp).


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