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As you are probably aware (!), Google has won a landmark ‘Right to be Forgotten’ case.  The “Right” was enshrined by the EU in a 2014 legal ruling and required Google, and other search engines, to delete embarrassing or out-of-date data about individuals on request. And General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) added yet more obligations! In case you didn’t already know (and this newsletter is opening your eyes 👀) members of the public can now request that ANY organisation (including UK startups!) delete information about them and the organisation in question has exactly one month to respond! Bored? Me too. Slightly…  but the reality is most people didn’t know any of this until it was splashed across every newspaper in the UK this week! And learning new things is always #good4thebrain 😎

Anyhow, onto the interesting stuff… in 2016 the French Privacy Regulator CNIL fined Google €100,000 💲 for point blank refusing to de-list sensitive information from search results globally upon request. Google fought back 👊 and took its case to the European Court of Justice! Search engines, Google argued, should not censor search results for people in other parts of the world where the Right to be Forgotten is not enshrined. Were the Right to be Forgotten applied outside the EU, it could (potentially!) be abused by authoritarian regimes to censor human rights abuses. Essentially, Europe ruled that it is not Europe’s place to apply the Right to be Forgotten globally!

So what actually happened this week? Well Google WON the landmark case and (for now!) the Right to be Forgotten only applies within the EU. So try not to do anything too embarrassing when you’re outside of Europe…

You May Request to be Forgotten…. But Don’t Forget This Week’s Hottest Startup Jobs:

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