Weekly Brief: Two heads are… worse than one?

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A little exercise in tricky decisions this week. If Warren Buffet told you to ditch shooting for the perfect CV and risk it all for that dream job today, would you listen? OK, maybe too easy for people here most likely following the startup dream – how about, how should a self-driving car choose who to kill in a crash? Not such a simple one… There’s actually a (slightly morbid) game developed at MIT that’s worth a quick play on that latter subject, if only to test your moral mettle. Just don’t do it with too many friends in tow – a new study out last week shows we’re far more likely to think freely (and be more scientifically innovative) when in as small a group as possible. Something to mention perhaps next time someone suggests one of those massive work meeting with too many dumb bodies in the room. Or maybe keep that to yourself…

“Saving Up Sex for Your Old Age. It Just Doesn’t Make a Lot of Sense”
Warren Buffet says the “build your CV first” career advice is all wrong. It’s working for those you admire today that’s more important.

How Should Self-Driving Cars Choose Who Not to Kill?
A popular MIT quiz asked ordinary people to make ethical judgments for machines…

…and Who Would You Choose to Kill? Take the Quiz!
The aforementioned MIT quiz itself – where do you stand vs your peers on killing?

Can Big Science Be Too Big?
A new study finds that small teams of researchers do more innovative work than large teams do.

A (not so small) group of fantastic job opportunities from this week:

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Matt Saunders
4 years ago

In my experience the smaller the team the better, and ideally with one “leader” driving the conversation. If I had a pound for every time I’d seen “groupthink” I wouldn’t need to work again…