Weekly brief: The next generation of electric cars.

With the growing concerns for environmental changes and new regulations being put in place, the demand for Electric vehicles (Ev) has gained momentum globally, increasing the value of the transportation industry by 36.3% in terms of value from 2020 to 2028.

To keep up with demand and with the threat of a ban on new cars and vans that operate on fuel from 2030, UK startups are contributing their innovative solutions to the EV sector. 

Arrival are redefining the future of public transport by developing and manufacturing zero-emissions solutions whilst advancing their own software and material systems. They raised an impressive £342milion in private investment back in November. 

Riversimple are a UK-based hydrogen car company specialising in personal mobility solutions whilst boasting no environmental impact. With the only emission being water and the refueling time lasting only minutes, Riversimple are appealing to the environmentally conscious and savvy city consumer. 

eFOLDi are turning things around in the assisted mobility sector by creating a foldable and compact range of mobility scooters. One of the first of its kind, eFOLDi is building an iconic smart brand for people with reduced mobility and with a successful first round of funding, the demand is being met. 

The clear 2030 deadline is driving investment into the future of mobility so it will be interesting to see the development for the next generation of Electric Vehicles. Maybe we will have flying cars after all! 

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