Weekly Brief: The minotaur, the myth, the legend

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Yet another animal-based term to add to your startup jargon dictionary this week (sigh). Forget your unicorns, apparently it’s the mighty Minotaur (a company that has raised >$1billion in funding) that’s where it’s at right now, if classifying startup status is your bag of course. The “blitzscaling” approach of these not-as-rare-as-you-might-think monsters (whereby huge sums of cash are raised to create monopolistic statuses) is certainly a conversation starter at the moment, but we thought we’d open the door up to some more animal-based tech development discussions this week. In and amongst the dragons, zebras and centaurs that make up our increasingly baffling tech world, worth noting what’s going on with pig recognition, bees doing maths, and growing meat in labs. Don’t say we don’t keep you informed…

Silicon valley’s Enchanted Startup Forest is Overpopulated…
Someone needs to make sense of Silicon Valley’s nonsensical naming strategies – it’s getting out of hand!

China’s Tech Firms Are Mapping Pig Faces
As a devastating disease afflicts the country’s swine, companies are scrambling to roll out facial and voice recognition and other unproven ways to save them

Lab Cultured Meat – Gross, or Something to Get Used To? 
The world is in the grips of a food-tech revolution it seems. Take note!

Forget Spelling Bees, These Ones can do Maths…And finally, bees can do basic arithmetic, a new study finds. Hello, hive mind…

Whatever animal they are, here are some of the coolest startups jobs from this week:

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