Weekly brief: Tech is shaping the future of football!

With the UEFA Euro 2021 tournament underway, the advances in technology to boost players and improve the overall fan experience, have been more important than ever. 

“Which football fan doesn’t want to experience what a football player sees, feels, hears, and even senses, and – most importantly – how fast he kicks the ball?” 

With the successively increasing intensity of matches, injury prevention is crucial. Zone7 takes into account 5 million hours of human performances in sports and operates with AI patterns in order to identify breakpoints or potential problems for the players and athletes. All based on tons of data and AI algorithms!

Southampton Football Club unveiled the world’s first kit to feature Augmented Reality. In partnership with Hummel, fans can scan with their smartphones to bring the shirt to life and experience exclusive content. Football really is coming (to the comfort of our own) home.

InCrowd exists to significantly improve the fan experience through digital innovation, leading and shaping the development of the sports industry to cater to the digitally-driven modern sports fan. Acknowledging that fans have different experiences with sport, they’ve identified 4 key fan experiences. 

Football hasn’t been the same, but with the help of innovative tech, it could become better than ever before!

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