Weekly Brief: It’s Not Easy Being Green

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Gretta Thunberg’s rousing and emotional speech at the United Nations last week has been hailed by some as “the most powerful speech” they have ever seen (and you should watch it if you haven’t yet!). Others have a different opinion, with no punches pulled by the likes of Jeremy Clarkson (no surprises there hey?), who branded her a “spoilt brat” and told her “to go back to school”. Putin has also weighed in – dismissing her as a “poorly informed teenager”. In my opinion, Greta Thunberg is nothing short of an inspiration. She has spurred a global climate change movement which is pushing communities, nations and corporations to act before it is too late.

Over the course of a week, Greta’s Instagram following has risen from 2 to 7 million. Twitter has exploded. Thousands upon thousands have taken to the streets demanding government action. Opponents, in a bid to seize control of the narrative, have torn apart her appearance, her state of mind and her family. The list goes on. Greta is gaining traction and the world (I hope) is waking up.

So, what can you do to combat climate change?

  • Support GreenTech startups (search for jobs in them, subscribe to their services etc.). Work in Startups is proud to have a number on our site – for example:
    • Food sharing app Olio
    • Renewable energy provider Bulb
    • Returning packaging service CupClub
  • Make Small Changes – every little helps… as the saying goes…
  • Think Smart… Politically
    • Research your MPs views and policies on climate change
    • Pay careful attention to government policy and think how your vote can make a difference
  • Post On Social Media
    • Raising awareness is key. If you care, then tell your mum, sister, heck, even your grandfather about what is happening – humanity is truly facing an existential threat

Technology is only part of the solution. Whenever GreenTech startups post on Work in Startups it’s exciting! But more needs to be done – we (allegedly!) only have 8 years to stop irreversible climate change, so if there was ever any time to act – it’s now! 

Act NOW on climate change and act NOW on your future. Check out this weeks hottest jobs:

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Happy Hunting! Happy Hiring!

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Chin Yasunaga
3 years ago

I was amazed by Greta’s bravery in delivering that speech. I was in awe. Our world needs young people like her to raise awareness for climate change.
All the things you have mentioned above are just a few of many things that we should at all cost instill in our minds to be able to combat climate change. I learned so much just by reading this. Thank you for sharing.