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With seemingly every journalist covering the heart-wrenching destruction of Notre Dame Cathedral this week. We were inspired by the great-and-the-good pledging €600m collectively  (so far) to the rebuilding effort – we’re really seeing the power of destructive… disruptive philanthropy.

It isn’t just French billionaires who are prepared to splash the cash, as all eyes are on the soft-hearted and deep-pocketed in China. The country has a complex history with charitable giving, but reports like that of the UBS suggest it is once more a la mode in the East to give (as an individual or as an organisation). Jumping across the pacific, some of our favourites in the tech world have certainly embraced the trend of philanthropic giving; Salesforce are repositioning their business model with the pseudo-acquisition of salesforce.org to fully embed their non-profit vertical. TED, are following a different approach, showcasing the talent of others in the sector with their Audacious Project. They released the participants in this year’s entrance – with  projects covering everything from online sex abuse to climate change. Whatever your cause, there’s room (and money) in the industry for you! Should you want to hire for that disruptive new ‘chari-tech’, or simply want to make your billion in a UK startup so you can get giving… you know where to find us!

Salesforce ‘acquires’ Salesforce.org for $300M in a wider refocus on the nonprofit sector

Salesforce is doubling-down on the way it serves their non-profit vertical.

TED raises $280M to help nonprofits battle climate change, online sex abuse and more

TED (of Talks fame) unveiled this year’s non-profit participants in their Audacious Project.

As China Rises, its New Billionaire Class is Turning to Philanthropy

A UBS study highlighted the increase in Sino-Philanthropic output, as 1-in-5 billionaires reside there.

These are some of our favourite startup jobs this week:

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