Weekly Brief: Breaking up with Big Tech

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Politicians the world over (at least those not focused on Brexit shenanigans, sigh) have been taking shots at “Big Tech” this week, joining in protest at what they consider to be the ever-increasing monopolies of Google, Amazon and Facebook, and decreasing competition in the tech market.

In the UK, both the House of Lords and Tony Blair want to control and legislate for the heavy-weights of the tech world (though they’ve stopped short of explaining exactly how). US Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren, went a step further in saying she would actually break up the bigger players if elected. Ironically ads for her anti-Facebook Medium article were briefly banned from Facebook itself yesterday (to great indignation!) which made the news of Sir Tim Berners-Lee lamenting the “dysfunctional” nature of the web as a whole (on its 30th Birthday no less!) all the more poignant. Interesting to see even a baby as ubiquitous as the World Wide Web can still disappoint its parents!

Here’s how we can Break Up Big Tech
US Democratic Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren’s post on medium that’s caused some controversy (including said temporary ban on Facebook itself!). Detailed in some areas but lacking in others – still very much worth a read!

House of Lords urge tougher rules for tech firms
The Communications Committee suggests creating a digital authority to improve “inadequate” responses to privacy and data breaches and anti-social content from Big Tech.

The next great debate will be about the role of tech in society and government
(Ex-Prime Minister) Tony Blair calls for politicians to harness and control technology, rather than fight and limit it in a pseudo-Industrial Revolution.

30 years on, what’s next #ForTheWeb?
The inventor of the WWW, Sir Tim Berners-Lee reflected on the good, the bad and the ugly of his most famous creation.

Whilst ‘Big Tech’ has been featured heavily this week, have a look through some of our favourite startup tech jobs:

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