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Every so often it’s important for us to stop, reflect, and realise when something’s not quite right. This is a fast-paced space where time is a serious luxury (!), but when there’s a lingering issue that needs addressing it’s important to do just that – otherwise we’ll end up creating elephants in the room that could fast become out of control, with fairly nasty repercussions for more than just ourselves.

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day, which we should all be duly championing (we certainly are here). But there remains an inconvenient truth that we aren’t, as a collective, doing enough to get more women into tech jobs. There’s progress, sure, but it’s slow, damaging for all of our futures, and is fundamentally very awkward – the latter sentiment being one that also resonates (albeit to different degrees) when you hear about misleading claims of “AI” within startups, or of reports that our tech and smart phone addiction is becoming a huge contributor to global warming.

So take some time to reflect today. What can we all be doing to cage these elephants and awkward turtles – we’re in the business of making a difference, so let’s act!

Women In Tech: Inconvenient Truths And Changing Perspectives
What can we learn from other geographies to create a new approach and genuinely equal opportunities for women in tech?

Europe‚Äôs AI start-ups often do not use AI, study finds 
Research shows 40% of claimants allegedly have no artificial intelligence programs in their products – awkward!

‘Digital sobriety’ can halt tech-fuelled global warming, says report
Our tech addiction is actually cooking the planet – oh dear…

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