Top London startups making moving to the city easier

I think we are all in agreement that moving to London can be expensive and stressful, and expensive. We thought it might be helpful to point you in the direction of some of the coolest London startups where their whole bag is making that process easier for you!

The April 2019 Top Five:


BySTORED –Before you move into London (and get your dream job in a London startup), you might be worried about packing the kitchen sink. BySTORED have a cool online platform to help store your belongings in secure facilities in the city, so you can ship your gear in on the day that works for you, then collect it from nearer your new place when you get the keys. The portal is really easy to use and it is a very convenient service for any busy professional!


Goodlord – have a really interesting platform that makes it easier to manage the pre-tenancy process, while improving the experience of managing your landlords (or your tenants if you’re the one renting a place out). Check out their list of hundreds of affiliated agencies (all over the UK) and start browsing!


Reposit –On a similar vein, Reposit is a cool alternative to standard tenancy deposits offering benefits for both agencies and tenants. For tenants, you pay a small fee instead of a tenancy deposit, and can keep a track of the status of your deposit via the easy-to-use platform.


Acasa –This is becoming a must-have in London if you have housemates. It allows you to manage and split all your house bills on one app! Gone are the days of a “gas person” and “electricity person”! It’s very easy to use and puts an end to silly money fights.


Housekeep –Keeping your house clean when living a busy life in the city is not the easiest, hence why many of us choose to have a regular cleaner. But if you can’t find one particular individual to be your “regular”, then why not draw from a pool of vetted professionals. Simply use Housekeep’s easy online booking to get a quote, choose a timeslot, manage your cleaning schedule and pay. Simple!

As you can see there are some really awesome startups in our network that can make moving into a new house and easy process. However, you may be wondering where the fantastic selection of startup jobs is, some good news: many of these five have live roles on our site, check it out!

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Cleaners Hastings
4 years ago

Definitely not an easy task but getting our business off of the ground has left an amazing feeling! Keep pushing people!