The Edinburgh Startup Scene

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Edinburgh’s technology sector has boomed in recent years and the city is fast becoming the Data Capital of Europe. Digital jobs in Edinburgh increased over 3x the UK average between 2014 and 2017, and the tech sector contributed a whopping £4bn in revenue to the economy last year. Edinburgh is now the largest technology and startup jobs hub outside London! For those of you who want a start up job but don’t want to move to London (or want to get out of London!) – consider moving to Edinburgh. It can get a little cold… but its beauty and culinary scene more than make up for it. And we’ve hundreds of Edinburgh startup jobs on our site, so keep an eye out and consider making the move!

Three Edinburgh Startups To Watch:

Wallet.Services aims to streamline, simplify, and secure online activity by accelerating the use of distributed ledger technology, such as blockchain. They have already developed the first version of their SICCAR platform and are making waves in tech – launching a big recruitment drive and targeting international expansion. They have also recently been nominated for Scotland Tech Top 50 and successfully competed with 140 international companies for a place on the Telefonica O2 accelerator programme for scaling businesses. We reckon Wallet.Services would be a fantastic company to work for.

Care Sourcer is an Edinburgh-based health-tech startup that is making waves! It’s a technology platform that allows people to compare care providers in a particular region and source the best care for their needs. It’s revolutionising the care sector by bringing choice, transparency and control to the market. Too many people wait weeks, sometimes months, for care and Care Sourcer is changing this. They raised an impressive £8.5 million in a Series A funding Round and are growing fast! Definitely a startup to watch.

ShareIn is a cutting-edge fintech start up that provides companies with customisable investment platforms that enable them to find funding through their network of investors. Their software handles every step of the investment process and ensures compliance at every stage! Companies can now focus all their attention on profit-generating activities. To add to all this excitement, ShareIn has also launched an innovative new payment product! This post-seed startup is a big name in the Edinburgh Startup Scene. Keep your eyes peeled for future developments….

Check out our job board Work in Startups for all the hottest Edinburgh startup jobs!

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essay club
4 years ago

Seedcamp partner Eduardo Espinal in a commentary to TNW noted that Edinburgh has all the necessary components to develop a successful ecosystem of IT entrepreneurship. There are universities with a long history, a large concentration of technical specialists and scientists, and experience in successful project management thanks to the work of companies such as Skyscanner. All these factors, according to analysts and venture capitalists, play a decisive role in attracting capital and innovation to new incubators.