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Weekly Brief: Are you Paranoid about Androids?

This week’s Weekly Brief write-up: talking about developments in robotics and machine learning. Plus: the usual round-up of high quality startup jobs. News + jobs = happy reading!

Weekly Brief: Did somebody say cheese?

This week we are discussing the merits and risks of facial recognition software for security surveillance, all over the world. With the usual side of startup jobs – we have some corkers this week!

Weekly Brief: You shop, they… might drop?

Usual deal here folks! A weekly roundup on an interesting topic. A selection of our favourite startup jobs from your favourite startup job board. What’s new? Well: we’re discussing the interesting developments into how we buy and deliver produce online. Read on!

Weekly Brief: Awkward Turtle! Some Inconvenient Truths…

In anticipation of International Women’s Day we’ve been championing women at Work in Startups. But there remains an inconvenient truth that we aren’t, as a collective, doing enough to get more women into tech jobs. It is fundamentally very awkward – a sentiment that also resonates (albeit to different degrees) when you hear about misleading claims of “AI” within startups, or of reports that our tech and smart phone addiction is becoming a huge contributor to global warming. Have a flick through our round-up of inconvenient truths!

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