Startup Corner: Meet Bureaucloud

1. Can you give us some information about your background? Did you start any other companies before Bureaucloud?
My background has always been working for or providing services to small to mid-sized firms. 15 years’ experience in small businesses and 7 of those years delivering hosted Internet services and Cloud computing has allowed me to focus entirely on a business driven methodology. The result tends to lead to a happier customer with the right solution.

2. Can you describe Bureaucloud in one sentence?
A simple Cloud service designed to allow IT departments to swap the burden of owning and managing servers, datacenter hardware and equipment to ordering only as much resource is required for them on a monthly term.

3. How do you plan to expand the Bureaucloud team in the future?
The team is currently small with big plans to grow over the coming 18 months. Our focus is to maintain an agile technical team who understand business principles and are able to communicate with clients effectively. The business development and customer services team will grow in line with Bureaucloud to accommodate the client base and growing number of products.

4. What sort of technology challenges are you facing? Why is that exciting?
Cloud computing is presenting new challenges every day as new technology drives more efficient solutions. Our clients often come to us with very interesting projects around scalability and new software ideas. Ensuring we provide the technical quality of service that Bureaucloud clients expect and rely upon is at the heart of our values.

5. Can you describe the ideal employee for Bureaucloud? What are the essential qualities she needs to have?
Understanding and communicating with our clients really sets us apart from most of the completion, so we intend to keep it this way.
An Ideal employee for a role at Bureaucloud would prove how they can engage with clients understanding how to achieve the objective in hand. Whether the role is technical, business development, accounts or anything else, nurturing the relationships with clients who use the company’s Cloud or professional services should always be a primary concern. Other essential qualities, as with any start-up include being able learn quickly, manage workload independently, attention to detail and be able adapt to change.

6. What are your plans for the future? Where do you want Bureaucloud to be in a couple of years?
Our plans are ambitious. We will grow to become one of the leading Cloud computing service providers to UK small and medium sized businesses. Having started as a new business in 2010, the company doesn’t have many years of burden to carry in the form of legacy hardware and bureaucracy. Instead, we have built a scalable business which employs scalable technologies to accomplish our goals.
In a couple of years, we should be increasing the number of data center sites in the UK and potentially Europe.

7. A message for the candidates.
Joining the team will be an exciting and challenging career move. We value input from all staff members and are committed to helping their careers grow in line with the company. Where relevant we provide training and the possibility of Options in the company. If you help the company outshine the competition, we believe some of the benefits should be passed on to you.
At the same time we are looking for people with a great work ethic. We want those who work for the company to accomplish their full potential, which means at times, demonstrating their commitment and going above and beyond what is required.
If you think you might be an ideal candidate for working at Bureaucloud, please send us your CV and covering letter. Good Luck!

Thank you for your time!

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