Start Learning These Skills in High Demand for 2018

A new year, a new beginning or so we like to think. If we look past the cliché, every New Year brings new opportunities as well as new professional challenges. And what better way for a fresh starts than to start learning something new? A report by Modis says that the number of tech employment opportunities is expected to increase by 12% by 2024 and that can only mean good news for the job seekers. However that means that the competition will get tougher and it will be harder and harder for companies to choose between skilled candidates, so here’s a list of skills you can learn in 2018 that can definitely put you at an advantage:

It’s all about data

And you know it. Data has become the ultimate currency and tool when it comes to decision making in business, but getting from a pile of raw data to an organized report takes time and resources. This is where being skilled with data, numbers, statistics and reporting comes in handy, by not only extracting the essential information but also helping others understand it.

Skills: Data analysis, Data visualization, Statistical Analysis, Data mining, SQL , Google analytics etc.

Jobs: Data analyst, Data science engineer, Data visualization specialist, Research Scientist etc.

Coders, rise!

Writing code and programing are here for the long run and there’s no denying that. Due to tech advancement and automatization the demand for IT professionals has boomed and not only in the tech sector. While learning a coding language can take years of study and practice, it’s never too late to start with the basics: HTML, CSS, JavaScript. While they might not grant a new career path right away they will definitely lay a solid foundation for more in depth code learning. Just keep in mind to practice a lot.

Skills: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Ruby,  Web development, Front end and back end development etc.

Jobs: Software developer/engineer, Web developer, Full Stack developer, Application developer etc.

We live in a digital world

But this digital world does not run itself. Someone has to stay behind and pull the strings, strategize, create and generate content and make sure that the right information and product/service reaches the right audience. Digital marketing, SEO, Content creation and copywriting might not be exclusively tech jobs but the tech industry is where they have the most impact. So go ahead and take that AdWords course or read up on your digital strategy, because they will definitely come in handy soon enough.

Skills: Social media marketing, Content generation, Email marketing, SEO, SEM, Mobile advertising etc.

Jobs: Digital marketer, Social media manager, SEO specialist, Content writer, Growth strategist etc.

If you can imagine it, learn to make it

It’s true that creativity is not something that can be taught but it is something that can be trained. All the brands, companies and products surrounding us would be nothing without good design and intelligent branding. Make 2018 the year in which you start learning how to turn a concept you have in mind into something that sells or simply start polishing those design skills you have but never got to put to good use.

Skills: Adobe creative suite, UX design, Branding, Video editing, Motion graphics etc.

Jobs: Graphic designer, UI/UX Designer, Branding manager, Art director, Videographer etc.

Don’t forget to regularly check for new jobs every day!




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