Share your jobs on Social Networks

When hiring people most startups begin with looking at their own network as it’s the most accessible channel out there. Social networks allow people to reach far beyond just their immediate networks. The ability to find and contact candidates among friends of friends and greater extended networks dramatically expands the pool of talent.

Here are a few tips on how to make the most out of sharing your job ads on different social networks:

Best social networks to promote your job:

  • LinkedIn – is by far the most established professionally oriented network but not so many technical people in there
  • Twitter – extensive reach and the number of people looking for a job on Twitter is increasing
  • Facebook – lots of people and if they are not fitted for the job they might share it with their friends
  • Google+ – it’s hip

Make sure you have:

  • an application form where to direct people (might be a job board like
  • a clear job description that looks appealing
  • a hashtag like “#job” if you’re promoting it on Twitter

Make it stand out:

  • have a punchy title for the job (rockstar might not even be overrated)
  • mention some of the skills needed in the short description so people will better relate to the job (e.g. awesome startup looking for PHP guru)
  • tell a short story about your great company

Spread the word:

  • add “Please RT” if you’re using twitter
  • e-mail key people and ask them to share the job on their walls or with their networks
  • Reward people that helped you:
  • don’t forget to say thank you to everyone that spread the word (they might help you in the future as well)
  • reward people that referred the candidates (they’ve worked for you)

Work In Startups makes it easier for you to spread the word that you’re hiring. With one click on the buttons above your job ad can post your jobs on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and +Google.

Watch word-of-mouth job marketing at work as your job gets retweets, wall posts and status updates throughout the social web.

Happy sharing!