Weekly brief: Scotland’s startup scene continues to surge!

2,500 startups and with £345million collectively raised in funding, Scotland is steadily making moves within the UK startup space. Scotland is just getting started with consistent growth being delivered every year. So who is worth keeping an eye on?

With Scotland being the base for some of the UKs most successful “unicorn”companies, Sky Scanner and Brewdog to name a few, it’s no surprise that a generation of fast growing tech businesses are following suit. 

Amphista Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company is developing pioneering innovations creating therapeutics that harness the body’s natural processes to remove disease-causing proteins. They’ve recently announced the closing of an impressive £38 million Series B financing round.

Roslin Technologies in Edinburgh are on a mission to make the agriculture and animal health sectors more sustainable. A unique joint venture between the University of Edinburgh and two investment and business development partners with global networks aids the company’s success.

NuCana BioMed, develops and commercialises rationally designed medicines for significant unmet medical needs in the biopharmaceutical sector. Since launching, they have raised a staggering £120 million with just 5 key investors. 

These 3 ‘futurecorns’ are responsible for the employment of 500 people alone. 

E Fundamentals, a SaaS platform based in Edinburgh,who have recently announced plans to create 12 tech jobs to fuel its global expansion all in effort to support the city’s mission to be a centre for tech excellence, provides businesses with brand insights and offers advice on how to increase their revenue and traffic. Impressive clients include a recent partnership with Pepsico to power their eCommerce growth in Europe.

UK start-ups raised £1.3 billion in the whole of 2010. They raised the same amount in the first three weeks of 2021.With continued policy innovation, research investment, and the right talent, the UK is on track to become the heart of the European tech ecosystem.

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