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Have  a startup  interview coming up and want to dazzle with a witty aside about the next big thing in tech? Want to impress your colleagues with informed and intelligent water cooler chat? Were you  recently asked your top five up-and-coming unicorns, and blanked? This is for you… Here are some things to consider when […]

What You Should Always Do After Your Job Interview

    You just had your job interview. Everything went well, you got the interviewer excited and you pretty much think you’ve nailed it. But what happens after a job interview is as important as what happens during it. Here are some things that could increase your chances of actually getting the job. Scroll down […]

Startup Quote of the Week

  This week’s quote comes from a very experienced entrepreneur who has a unique view of what work should be like. His positive attitude towards work has helped him throughout his career as he became one of the most successful entrepreneurs. So why not have fun at work?      

Don’t Let Your Resume Stand in the Way of Your Dream Career

In the job seeking world a resume is even more than a business card. It’s the first impression that the employer gets and as a candidate you have to compete for the recruiter’s attention and stand out in a sea of other applicants. This is no easy feat, especially when a job is in high […]

Are you a startup’s ideal candidate?

The ideal candidate for any job vacancy can take many shapes and forms but there are clearly some distinctive traits that recruiters are looking for. When it comes to startups it’s even more difficult to identify a compatible candidate given the dynamic of the field. In order to help you find out how to become […]

Looking for a job? What’s the best time of the year to do so?

You keep hearing different advice about how one time of the year or another is better when it comes to looking for a job. Some of them are fuelled by actual data from the industry others simply by logic (e.g. hiring is slower during holidays) but what is exactly the winning approach when it comes […]

These startups are looking for talent like you this week

Talent is the currency startups deal in, and if you are looking for a new career path, you are in luck this week. Take a look at some amazing vacant positions and make sure to have your resume ready: Experienced Events Manager at Fintech Worldwide Ltd. About the company: Fintech Worldwide is a global innovation […]

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