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5 Amazing Startup Jobs You Have to Apply to This Week

  Are you looking for a change of scenery or a new challenge? You heard that working in a startup can boost your career and is the perfect environment to learn new skills and develop even further? Luckily for you we, have rounded up the hottest startup vacancies this week, so go ahead and check […]

This Is Why Interviewing With A Startup Is Different

  An interview is always something we are looking at with a certain degree of anxiety and interviewing for a startup is no exception. While large companies and corporations may have a well-defined recruitment process, a rigorous candidate screening and a seasoned HR department in the hectic world of startups recruitment goes down a little […]

5 Non Tech Jobs You Can’t Miss This Week

Sales, customer service and product design – these are crucial areas in any startup and there are plenty of amazing positions to choose from, just check the ones below to convince yourself:   Senior Product Manager at Doctorlink About the company: DoctorLink was founded in 2016 to help individuals have a better experience with their […]

Hottest tech and non tech jobs this week

Take a look at this week’s best jobs available – who says you have to have tech skills to work in a tech startup ? Sales Sales Outreach / Business Development – Conference Sponsorship at Skills Matter About the company: We are Skills Matter, the largest community of software developers in Europe (over 100,000 people). […]

This week’s 5 hottest developer jobs

  IOS, Front End Web developers as well as Full stack Developers are the most in demand tech jobs this week. Here’s what you need to know about each: Early Engineer In An Ai Startup In London at Aiden Dashbot Limited About the company: At Aiden we use artificial intelligence to build the knowledge worker […]

From corporate to startup – what does it take to make the switch?

Transitioning from one job to another is never easy, regardless of the reasons. Moreover, going from a corporate job to working in a startup is a challenge not to be taken lightly. Despite this, more and more people are making the switch from corporate to startup looking for autonomy, flexibility and  a better company culture […]

5 Ways to Get Over Your Perfectionism

Procrastination gets the best of us. Perfectionism is not too far either. The two apparent opposite concept go hand in hand: not being able to do certain things perfectly (and you know you can’t) makes you not do them and in the worst cases not even start them, a perfect excuse to procrastinate: “I won’t […]