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Weekly Brief: Disruptive Philanthropy

With seemingly every journalist covering the heart-wrenching destruction of Notre Dame Cathedral this week. We were inspired by the great-and-the-good pledging €600m collectively (so far) to the rebuilding effort – we’re really seeing the power of destructive… disruptive philanthropy. As always with the Weekly Brief, we bring you a roundup of an interesting news topic AND some of the hottest startup jobs of the week.

Weekly Brief: The Fly-nal Frontier for delivery tech

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s a drone carrying your burrito and that pair of trainers you ordered…Both Google and Amazon appear to be accelerating their game plans for drones, specifically looking to revolutionise the consumer delivery industry. Tune in this week for the usual roundup of weird and wonderful news articles (plus some of the coolest startup jobs going).

Weekly Brief: Drug abuse? Time for Warren G to regulate!

Everyone in the Work in Startups office (and probably the entire UK) has come down with something… the Brexit headache. It is commonly brought on by EU Exit developments (or lack-there-of) dominating the headlines. So we thought we’d focus on a more satisfying area of news this week – MedTech (in no small part because we may require seriously innovative painkilling devices until 22nd May…) Enjoy our weekly selection of interesting news articles and a curated list of our finest startup jobs.

Weekly Brief: Beasts in the East

Everyone’s favourite Silicon Valley giants seem to be dominating the mainstream media headlines again this week. So to freshen up your inbox (and hey, given it’s more important than ever to take a global view) let’s look to the East for an update on a different front. Check out this week’s Weekly Brief for a collection of interesting news articles on what’s going on in Eastern tech, plus a curated selection of our finest startup jobs!

Startup Skills: Firming up your Soft Skills

This is the second in our mini-series on startup skills. What are they? Why are they important? How do you demonstrate them in your next startup or scaleup job application?We’ve collated some of the best resources and tips for building up your portfolio of soft skills so you can perfect your startup CV.

Weekly Brief: All’s fair in love and war… but not marketplaces

Sorry to say we are continuing on a similar vein to last week, with even more bad news for Apple and Google. Check out this week’s Weekly Brief for even MORE interesting news articles on the slap on the wrist Big Tech is getting, plus a curated selection of our finest startup jobs!

Weekly Brief: Breaking up with Big Tech

Politicians the world over (at least those not focused on Brexit shenanigans, sigh) have been taking shots at “Big Tech” this week, joining in protest at what they consider to be the ever-increasing monopolies of Google, Amazon and Facebook, and decreasing competition in the tech market. Check out this week’s Weekly Brief for a collection of interesting news articles on breaking up the ‘big tech’ firms, plus a curated selection of our finest startup jobs!

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