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These 5 hot startups are looking to hire this week

Building a business from scratch is not easy and the number one factor that can influence the growth and development of a startup, is of course, talent. From management positions to sales and software development see which one of these positions would suit you the best:   Managing Director Uk at Xinfu Ltd About the […]

Considering working remotely for a startup? Here’s what you need to know

You keep hearing it everywhere: startups with entirely remote staff, big companies offering their employees flexible hours, freelancers working from all over the world. Yes, working remotely is the new way of working and in a world where staying connected has become a second nature, this might as well be the future and the demise […]

Startup quote of the week

It is a common misconception that failure should not be an option. Not only it should be an option, but it should be embraced as a lesson and as a sign, that you are not afraid to take risks and fight for your dreams.

Looking for a tech job at a hot startup? Here are 5 you can’t miss!

  Finding the right job, doing something that feels fulfilling both personally and professionally can be a real challenge and we know it. So go ahead and checkout the amazing jobs we’ve rounded up for you this week: Front End Rockstar Developer at Smart Cities Startup About the company: We are an award winning smart […]

Working In A Startup – What’s In It For Your Career?

  You are thinking about making a change, switching the lanes, looking for a brand new opportunity and you heard all that hype that surrounds tech startups. Of course you also heard that’s risky and that working for a startup means a disruption from your traditional career path or that you can’t transition back to […]

5 Manager jobs available this week – do you have what it takes?

Every company needs, at some point in time a person who has the leadership skills to create a productive environment and accomplish objectives. An individual who is capable of bringing life to an organization by directing people, gathering resources and creating budgets but at the same time be a part of the team, is in many […]

Will a Startup Hire Me If I Don’t Have a Lot of Experience?

    A job seeker’s life is never easy and navigating through dozens of ads that require a certain degree of experience in a field, does not help. However, the fact that you have little to no experience, does not mean that you are not an ideal candidate for a certain position, it just means […]