Growth In The SleepTech Industry

Sleep on it?

The clocks turned back on Sunday, so maybe you caught some extra Zzz… (I know I did). However, many people continue to struggle with getting a healthy amount of sleep on a daily basis. Such news is concerning, considering the effects of poor sleep on your day to day living, even significantly impacting your walking! Startups are known for helping us solve our day to day issues innovatively, and they’ve come to the rescue.

What Is SleepTech?

There is actually a term for this industry, you guessed it – sleeptech!  The current ‘sleeptech’ market was projected to be $12.5 billion in 2020. Sleeptech contains wearables, SaaS/ digital tools or monitoring devices to mention a few. Although it may seem odd at first to have a dedicated industry to better sleep, considering we spend half our lives’ doing it, it may seem weirder why we aren’t investing and creating more in this space!

Who’s Making Moves In SleepTech?

SleepCogni has recently made headlines by raising a whooping £1.4 million, and is looking to break into the US market. Their website states that instead of medication or sleep monitoring, SleepCogni uses a device and SaaS to help users.

Your snore won’t be a bore with Smart Nora’s anti-snore pillow – which they state has been scientifically validated. This Toronto based startup has even been mentioned in a Forbes article!

This is what dreams are made of (well, technically on): Moona provides pillows with cooling technology. So no more mid-sleep, pillow-flipping nuisance-causing again! This French startup is close to getting a total of $1 million in funding too. 

Lastly, we’ve got Lumos for all the jet setters or troubled sleepers. This startup creates an eye mask which uses biosensors, and transmits undetectable pulses of light which makes waking up easier. No more profanities directed at your alarm clock now.

Concluding Thoughts

Innovation in this sector is paramount. We invest so much in our food, clothing and lifestyles – maybe it’s time to invest in what we do the most. Or, at least, what we wished we did the most. 

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