Getting the most out of your Work In Startups ad!

Great, so you’ve posted your latest job ad(s) on the Work In Startups platform and are all set. Surely there’s nothing more you can do before the startup applicants come streaming in, right? Wrong!

Here are three immediate (and free!) things you can do to help increase your job’s candidate exposure. Whether you’re hiring for a product manager, intern or even your next top developer – make sure you give these a try!

1) Share your job ad across social media – Don’t be shy! Grab the link to your latest job ad and post it across both your company and personal Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. Get your colleagues and friends to like, retweet and share the jobs as well. Sharing is caring when it comes to startup hiring! We have share buttons for all your favorite socials on every ad!

2) Post the job ad in relevant groups and channels – Hiring for a Marketing Manager job in London? Then make sure you share the ad in Facebook groups or slack channels where the ideal candidate might hang out. London Tech Startup Jobs is a classic example – post a link to your job there and pitch! There are plenty of equivalents – find your community!

3) Review your ad and make sure all the key messages are there – The best start up job roles and ads contain clear information on:

  • Clear specifics of the position. What 5-10 things will the candidate actually be doing or have responsibility for, and who will they report to?
  • The ideal candidate’s qualification / experience requirements vs. their nice-to-haves. What can’t you live without?
  • Your company’s background, mission and why you’re an exciting place to join
  • Any cool benefits and other selling points. Brag about your amazing office, table tennis table, equity opportunities or perks – applicants have choice and they care!
  • Salary. If you’re not sure, try and give an approximate range or at least state that you’ll be competitive. Jobs with an explicit salary range are 60% as likely to attract candidates, so post it if you can!

If your job advert is missing any of these, go back and edit your role on your My Jobs page! Being clear now will both attract more candidates and save you explanatory time at interview!

Of course, if all else fails then don’t forget to consider putting a bit of budget behind your ad by checking out our paid features here. They generate about three-times the response by getting your ad in front of a much larger startup jobseeker audience – worth a shot!

Happy hiring!

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