From corporate to startup – what does it take to make the switch?


Transitioning from one job to another is never easy, regardless of the reasons. Moreover, going from a corporate job to working in a startup is a challenge not to be taken lightly. Despite this, more and more people are making the switch from corporate to startup looking for autonomy, flexibility and  a better company culture as well as the chance to learn and grow at an accelerated pace.

So what can you expect when making such a change and what are the challenges?

Jack of all trades, is that you?

Prepare to roll up your sleeves and do very diverse work. While in a corporation everybody has a very specific role and job description, in a startup you will have to wear many hats and most importantly get things done. You need to make sure you will not back down when you are required to do things that you are overqualified for or not qualified enough. You will have to assume responsibility for your outcomes and for every role you are required to fill in.

Making a difference with every step

It can be hard to assess the real impact your work has in a large company where there are layers and layers of approvals and bureaucracy or where you have no control over what happens with your projects and initiatives. In a startup you will not only be involved in the decision process but also have a green light for your ideas – some of which can even change the course of a business and put it on the path of success.

Can you keep up?

Working in a startup will definitely be a change of pace from a corporate job – everything happens right now, all the deadlines are today and hectic is your new normal. Don’t be scared though, working in such a dynamic environment will challenge you like never before and shorten that learning curve like working in a corporation could never do. As a new employee to in the startup scene you will have to learn how to constantly juggle tasks, make quick decisions as well as be self-reliant in everything you do.

Less is more

Say goodbye to huge budgets, armies of consultants, expensive design agencies and countless calibration meetings. In a startup you have to make it work with a small budget or sometimes with no budget at all. This is where you can unleash your creativity, finding ways to be equally efficient with less resources and also push yourself to learn new skills in order to fill in that budget gap.

Whether you have made up your mind or not about making the switch to a startup, you have to be aware that working in a startup is not for everyone. You have to consider your goals, your work style and your personality and what ultimately makes you happy in a work place: do you like a fast, think outside the box environment or a more structured approach which will allow you to achieve your goals at an even pace? In the end neither one is bad, they are just different.

For those who already made the choice of working in the fast-paced startup world, check out the hottest jobs on the market!

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