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Weekly Brief: Breaking up with Big Tech

Politicians the world over (at least those not focused on Brexit shenanigans, sigh) have been taking shots at “Big Tech” this week, joining in protest at what they consider to be the ever-increasing monopolies of Google, Amazon and Facebook, and decreasing competition in the tech market. Check out this week’s Weekly Brief for a collection of interesting news articles on breaking up the ‘big tech’ firms, plus a curated selection of our finest startup jobs!

Startup Skills: making Hard Skills easy

Welcome to the first of our mini-series on key startup skills for jobseekers. What are they? Why are they important? How do you demonstrate them in your next startup application? We’ve collated some of the best resources and tips for building up your portfolio of hard skills so you can perfect your startup CV.

IWD: Five female founders you can find on Work in Startups

Gender diversity in tech, specifically in startups, has been a hot button issue in the last week or so. The rather depressing bottom line is that women remain under-represented in the field. Rather than letting this dampen our spirits on International Women’s day, at Work in Startups we wanted to showcase some of the high-flying female-founded startups that are flouting the statistics.

Hiring for Happiness

Over the last few years the press has reported on the emergence of so-called ‘Chief Happiness Officers’ in Silicon Valley – but has this phenomenon broken the UK Startup market? We think so, but not in quite the same way… At Work in Startups we have noticed a rise in the use of “happiness” as a descriptive term within startup roles and job ads at all levels (not just within management positions).

Startup News and New Startups

Have  a startup  interview coming up and want to dazzle with a witty aside about the next big thing in tech? Want to impress your colleagues with informed and intelligent water cooler chat? Were you  recently asked your top five up-and-coming unicorns, and blanked? This is for you… Here are some things to consider when […]

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