Are you a startup’s ideal candidate?

The ideal candidate for any job vacancy can take many shapes and forms but there are clearly some distinctive traits that recruiters are looking for. When it comes to startups it’s even more difficult to identify a compatible candidate given the dynamic of the field. In order to help you find out how to become a startup’s ideal candidate we have comprised a list of things to keep in mind when going to a startup interview. Check them out:

  1. Convince them you are a problem solver

In an startup no matter if its early stage or in full growth, there will always be hurdles and unexpected issues, so everyone has to be able and ready to tackle them right away. You will be often given tasks out of your area of expertise or tasks that in a corporation would take years to even consider taking on, so you have to be quick on your feet and not afraid of putting the effort into finding the best way to approach them.


  1. You love learning

School is over, long live the school! In a startup, the road from success to failure and every stop in between should be treated as a learning experience. Because have no doubt, you will develop new skills and get experience in all sorts of departments in a startup, so make sure that learning new things and leaving your comfort zone behind on a regular basis is something you really like and emphasize on that.


  1. In for the long haul

Being committed to getting a job at a startup is not enough, but rather seeing the potential you have in a startup on long term is what it matters. It is hard to tell what’s going to happen in 1,2,5 years or even a few weeks from now. But before jumping at the opportunity of an interview with that hot startup, ask yourself: is this something I would like to do 1 year from now? Do I see myself as passionate about my work as I am right now at the idea of this position? This should not only help you figure out what you really want, professionally, but also show the recruiter that you are ready to jump on board for more than a few months.


  1. Be ready to put all your skills at work

Dust up those design skills, or that customer care knowledge you have not used in a while because, you will definitely have the chance to put them at work. Emphasize on all the skills you have and giving practical examples where you used them toward improving a situation or getting something done, will now only show the interviewer that you pick up fast but also that you are not afraid of taking responsibilities.

Working in a startup is always a different but nonetheless beautiful experience, it’s the place where you will grow your entrepreneurial spirit and where you will experience the freedom to take decisions as well as being part of a fast growing, multicultural collective. So don’t hold back from showing your passion for a certain field, talk about side projects and tell them how you can help grow the company and help them achieve their long term goals.

And if you are looking for a certain position don’t forget to check out and choose the category that suits you – the best part is that there are new jobs every day!

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